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Below you will find some of our press releases and links we've collected over the years. Note due to the high volume of media stories locally, nationally and internationally around the annual Winter Cycling Congress - and the importance of social media - this won't ever be an exhaustive list. Importantly, if we're doing our job right as a federation, cycling year round will slowly become an unremarkable thing everywhere, and your own media and YOU will be doing the talking for us. Look around, wherever you find the topic of cycling in the winter, and wherever there are myths to be busted, you will find us.  

NOVEMBER 2nd 2020

2021 - How to Support Women on Bikes in Winter (Kea Wilson / Streetsblog USA)

2020 - Read PDF release: SnowFallMediaAdvisoryNovember2020WinterCyclingFederation.pdf

2020 - Winter Wheelies: Finland blazes trail in keeping citizens cycling and healthy (The Guardian, Peter Walker) 

2016-  Ice Cycles: the northerly winter cities leading the winter bicycle revolution (The Guardian, 2016, by board secretary Anders Swanson)

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